Special projects & Extensions

"An addition or alteration designed individually for your home"

We are regularly commissioned to design and develop bespoke individual projects that compliment the existing building. Often these projects are slightly unusual, a little bit different from what you'd normally see. Sometimes this is because of the size and shape of the existing building and site boundaries, or maybe, design restrictions set down by the local planning authority.

Also a client sometimes has their own requirements for the building to perform in a certain way, maybe a sports or hobby room that has to house certain equipment. Which in turn would push the normal design parameters to their limit, creating very unique design proportions, with a wide varied use of finishing materials.

If you feel you have unusual requirements or ideas, then we can help develop those through from feasibility to completion.

For a free no obligation site survey please email: info@oaklandorangeries.co.uk or call our advisors on 0800 0920 913

Gallery Of Our Recent Projects